Tuesday, December 24, 2013

That Top 10 countdown: Pretty Fly For A Spiker -- PSL Edition

(Photo by Roy Afable)
Christmas is just around the corner and TMS-Army still reigns supreme after winning their second title in the Philippine Super Liga Grand Prix. PLDT MyDSL were also crowned as the champs in the inaugural Men's Division in the tournament. But we talking about the ladies here folks.

So without further ado, we countdown the Top 10 Pretty Fly For A Spiker in the PSL Grand Prix.

(Photo by Roy Afable)
10. Kaylee Manns -- PLDT MyDSL

The former Iowa State Cyclone made heads turn when she played her first game in the 2013 Philippine Super Liga Grand Prix. Her statuesque frame was indeed an edge over the top local setters in the PSL. Her superb setting skills made it easier for her teammates to score off attacks.

No wonder Kaylee got the PSL Grand Prix's Best Setter plum.

(Photo by Roy Afable)
9. Jen Reyes -- Cagayan Valley

Nope. There's no typo here. Jen Reyes did play for Cagayan Valley in the Second Conference of the Philippine Super Liga. After playing suiting up for the Cignal HD Spikers in the First Conference, the petite Libero found herself playing for the Lady Rising Suns. Kinda like traded jerseys with fellow Libero Jheck Dionela -- now with Cignal HD.

Despite her team's Fourth Place finish, Jen will always be the same feisty player no matter which team jersey she wears.

(Photo by Roy Afable)
8. Angge Tabaquero -- Cagayan Valley

We all know she made her PSL debut with the star-studded Petron Blaze Spikers in the First Conference. This time around, Annge decided to play for Cagayan Valley -- the team she helped earn their historic Shakey's V-League Season X Open Championship with an undefeated record -- which was a no brainer, since she's already familiar with their style of play.

Although she missed a couple weeks in the PSL Grand Prix due to injury, the Lady Rising Suns Captain came back stronger than ever. The team may have new faces in the roster, Angge's leadership is what keeps the Lady Rising Suns fire burning -- win or lose.

(Photo by Roy Afable)
7. Yuki Murakoshi -- TMS-Army

Since playing her first game in the Philippine Super Liga Grand Prix, Yuki became one of the most popular players in the tournament. The Japanese Libero didn't take long to adapt in the Pinoy's style of Volleyball. First Conference Champs TMS-Army got some added boost in their Floor Defense.

The ever smiling and accomodating Yuki had so much fun playing here in the country, she even won the PSL Grand Prix Championship plus the Best Libero award. How cool is that?

(Photo by Roy Afable)
6. Jed Montero -- RC Cola

Okay, some of you may recognize her as an actress and host on TV. But to Volleyball fanatics though, she's simply one of the most popular players in the UAAP. The former UP Lady Maroon saw action in UAAP Seasons 70 and 71 before being sidelined with a knee injury -- which pretty much ended her collegiate volleyball career.

Fast-forward to 2013, she's officially back to playing the sport she loves. Whether her position is Open Spiker or Libero, Jed is just happy playing volleyball again. Her volleyball career was indeed revived once again thanks to the PSL.

(Photo by Roy Afable)
5. Melissa Gohing -- Petron

After winning 3 UAAP Women's Volleyball Championships with the DLSU Lady Spikers, she's still playing Volleyball. It's like she never left the game at all. We all know Melissa is very competitive and fierce on the court. It doesn't matter which league/team she's playing for, she will simply do whatever it takes to win games.

(Photo by Roy Afable)
4. Gretchen Ho -- Petron

By far one of the most recognized players in the PSL, Gretchen is simply a fan-favorite. Her adoring fans would wait outside the Arena just to get an autograph and photo-op from her. One of the members of Ateneo's Fab 5, she's having a blast after the UAAP. She and some of her Petron teammates even organized an online jersey auction to raise funds for the folks in Tacloban that were recently hit by Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan.

With the sport's growing popularity, fans will definitely be seeing more of Gretchen Ho in the PSL next year.

(Photo by Roy Afable)
3. Jheck Dionela -- Cignal HD

When the name Jheck Dionela is mentioned, volleyball fans can't help but compare her to with fellow Libero Jen Reyes. Comparisons aside, Jheck is by far one of the best Liberos in the country today. After her stint with the Lady Rising Suns last conference, the fiery Libero brought tenacity to Cignal HD's floor defense.

Without a doubt, she'll put her life and limb on the line just to dig for lose balls. Although playing for a new team, she's still in the hunt for her first ever Philippine Super Liga championship.

(Photo by Roy Afable)
2. Mitch Datuin -- Cignal HD

New fans of the sport may not know Mitch Datuin but to those that have followed UAAP Women's Volleyball for a long time, she's of the most recognized players in the PSL. The former DLSU Lady Spiker is hard-nosed player on the court. Cignal HD's team captain brought swagger to her team akin to her days in the UAAP.

Despite finishing second place yet again against rival TMS- Army in the PSL Grand Prix, Mitch is looking get another crack at the PSL crown next year.

(Photo by Roy Afable)
1. Rachel Anne Daquis -- TMS-Army

A lot of fans waited for her to play in the PSL,  the Volleyball Gods and Goddesses listened. Soon enough, Rachel Anne Daquis made her official Philippine Super Liga debut in the second conference. It was a no-brainer of course that she'd play for TMS-Army in the PSL because of the fact that the team's already like family to her.

With the addition of Daquis, TMS-Army won their back-to-back Philippine Super Liga title. What a Rookie PSL season indeed for Rachel Anne Daquis. Not only did she win her first ever Pro League title, she's also our Numero Uno Pretty Fly For A Spiker in the PSL.


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